Bike-A-Way Mini Footmuff

The Bike-a-Way Mini fits Bobike Mini bike seats. New model without buckles.


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The Bike-a-Way Mini fits Bobike Mini bike seats. New model without buckles.
You get nice and warm when you cycle! The same cannot be said for children in bike seats. They sit quietly and have little extra protection to keep their little legs warm. When it rains or snows, their clothes get wet and their little legs become even colder.
The Bike-a-Way foot warmer offers the ideal solution. Your child will always have warm and dry legs. The back of the Bike-a-Way has a rolled-up poncho for rain or snow showers, which gives extra protection to your child. The Bike-a-Way is unique! Babies, toddlers and under-fives all enjoy sitting in a Bike-a-way.

The Bike-a-Way provides you with ultimate convenience. The Bike-a-Way is easy to fit and attaches firmly to the seat in which you place your child. It is also easy to remove the Bike-a-Way from the bike seat. Once you have a Bike-a-Way fitted to your bike seat, it is easy to get your child in and out of the seat.
An additional handy tip: you can fold the poncho over the Bike-a-Way to prevent it from getting wet inside when it rains.

You will not have any problems strapping your child in. The safety straps of your bike seat can be attached as normal when the Bike-a-Way is fitted to the bike seat.

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