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Toddler luxury 2021

5.00 out of 5
(23 customer reviews)

89.95 - 186.65

Complete in bag: tent + self-inflating mattress + cotton cover with zipper

The DERYAN Travel Cot Peuter Luxe travel cot is a compact pop-up travel cot/tent of only 2.4 kg. Easy to bring with you: the Peuter Luxe is set up within 2 seconds - this makes the Peuter Luxe the ideal solution and replacement for the heavy camping bed!

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Product Description

Travel Cot Toddler Luxury

Complete in bag: tent + inflatable mattress + cotton cover with zipper

The DERYAN Peuter Luxe travel cot is a compact pop-up travel cot/tent of only 2.4 kg. The ideal solution and replacement for the heavy camping bed. Besides the light weight it also offers extra protection against sun, mosquitoes and other insects. Ideal when you are visiting your parents, family or friends and your toddler wants to sleep quietly. But also for a visit to the beach, use in your own backyard (and even inside) or on holiday, the Peuter Luxe is ideal. Your can have your own clean bed with you, always and everywhere! Take the Baby Luxe with you wherever you go! Finished using the Peuter Luxe for the day? Just store the DERYAN Peuter Luxe in the carrying bag and easily put it in the back of the car for example. Easy, right?

Optional Accessories can be ordered separately or in bundle:

  • 3.5 cm self-inflatable mattress
  • Wind Screens
  • Welcool 3D mattress
  • Sleeping bag
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Easy to use

The DERYAN Peuter Luxe travel cot is unfolded within 2 seconds and ready for use. Within 8 seconds it is easily folded to store it in the Peuter Luxe carrying bag. Convenience and user-friendliness are central to all DERYAN products. The Peuter Luxe toddler bed takes up little space and is ultra-light. Easy to store and to take with you! You can place the Peuter Luxe outside as well, the tent protects against the heat and the sun thanks to the 50% UV Protection.
The Peuter Luxe toddler bed takes up little space and is ultra-light. Easy to store and to take with you! You can place the Peuter Luxe outside as well, the tent protects against the heat and the sun thanks to the 50% UV Protection.

Note: never fully place the tent in the sun

Did you know that the DERYAN Peuter Luxe stops mosquitoes and other insects? Thanks to the handy and very strong mesh which is smaller than 1 mm. The holes offer ventilation and there is even an extra Peuter Luxe Windscreen available. Does your child lie on his or her belly? Then you can even order an extra Welcool mattress, which is lovely!


The Peuter Luxe materials are fire retardant and 50% UV resistant. The Peuter Luxe has a double bottom where the self-inflating mattress is placed. Extra safe to ensure that nobody can crawl under the mattress. The mattresses are nontoxic and the glue is a special glue, without toxins. Safety is our top priority!

Because the width of the tent is longer than the height, the Peuter Luxe is very stable and cannot tilt.

The mosquito net has a diameter of less than 1 mm, which ensures that no mosquitoes get through. However, the DERYAN bed continues to ventilate well. The tents are all provided with the following test certificates: NF EN1466+A, EN71-1-2-3, NF EN1888 and 91-1292.


The Peuter Luxe travel cot is small and compact. Extra handy and flexible. Whether you are in a hotel, on the beach or with your family, you always have your own travel bed/tent available. The Peuter Luxe is not only comfortable, but also functional. It protects your child against insects and other insects. Because of the materials and design, the Peuter Luxe is also easy to clean!


DERYAN Travel-Cots/Travelbeds are patented worldwide and have a Dutch design. The self-inflating mattress, zippered cotton cover and tent are packed in a small, handy compact carrying bag. The bed is literally set up within 2 seconds and can be stored within the carriage back with the same convenience. The ideal bed for you and your kids!

Product specifications

  • Carrycot / Children's tent ideal for travelling or at home
  • Tent made of 100% polyester with 50% UV protection
  • With the "pop-up" system, the Peuter Luxe tent is set up in 2 seconds
  • Including cotton cover with zipper
  • Incl. comfortable self-inflatable mattress 2.5 cm (please do not blow air into the mattress)
  • Side entrance
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Mosquito net < 1mm
  • Tent: L x W x H = approximately 130 x 84 x 62 cm
  • Carrying bag: L x W x H = approx. 45 x 12 x 45 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2.4 kg
  • Suitable for children from birth up to and including 4.5 years of age

Why choose DERYAN?

Comfortable and safe products for your child. For every occasion. Ease of use is of paramount importance at DERYAN: setting up our tents is done within seconds, folding them up is almost as easy. All our products are easy to bring with you thanks to their light weight. Did you know that our products look good too? DERYAN products are practical and look amazing! 

Of course, safety comes first - thanks to our products, your child will always feel safe, you as a parent will the same! No more mosquito bites thanks to our mesh which is less than 1 mm. Out of the wind thanks to the Windscreens which also offer extra protection against the sun. And it doesn't even have to be expensive! 

DERYAN - Versatile and practical

On a journey, a day out, a flight, a picnic and of course indoors and outdoors. DERYAN makes life with a child a lot easier and more comfortable. 

Many of our products are 50% UV resistant and therefore great to use during summer. By the way, our products are also perfect to use in other seasons, what about in the living room, in a hotel, with your parents or family and friends? Perfect when you stay for the night.

All our products are designed to make your child feel comfortable and safe. Anytime, anywhere, both during a day out and after! 

DERYAN products have become so popular that they are no longer only sold in the Netherlands, but also in 120 other countries. User-friendly products for every occasion.

Additional information

Peuter Luxe Color:

Blue, Cream, Gold Limited Edition, Lemon, Ocean, Orange, Toddler Luxury Silver

Would you like to upgrade your mattress from 2.5CM to 3.5CM thick for € 12.95?

Without upgrade, With upgrade

Would you like a windscreen of € 15.95 for € 8.95?

Without windscreen, With windscreen

Wilt u een slaapmat erbij van €22,95 voor €11,95?

Without sleeping mat, With sleeping mat

Wilt u een Welcool matras erbij van €32,95 voor €16,95?

Without wellcool, With wellcool

Wilt u een slaapzak erbij van €27,95 voor €16,50?

Without sleeping bag, With sleeping bag

Would you like a Baby Nest from € 49.95 for € 29.95?

No Baby Nest, but Baby Nest

23 reviews for Peuter luxe 2021

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kimvdaar -

    ?? Perfect!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hensvad -

    ?? Really a perfect product! I'm super happy with it!

  3. 5 out of 5

    SanVanDijk -

    ?? Handy tent
    We have taken this tent on a trip and used it in hotels and motor homes. It's great that our son still sleeps in the same bed during a tour. We even took it in our hand luggage, so that he could sleep in it at the airport. We now also use m in the Netherlands as normal, to take it to friends is also much easier than a normal camping bed. Unfolding is super fast.
    Disadvantages I find that you can not easily make the bed (you can not put a blanket, because the mattress is attached to the side walls). I would also rather have seen the zipper slightly differently, it now goes from the top: you cannot keep the top open (so that you can reach it to give a teat, for example) and the bottom closed (so that your child cannot roll out) .
    Our son is now eight months and still fits well. I wonder if this is also suitable if he later sits or stands himself, then it may not be strong enough.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Eevelevelin -

    ?? Super handy for traveling. The bed is in 1 second. Folding in is still a bit of practice.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Pippilotta -

    ?? Wir sind dieses Jahr with unseren 10 Monten alten Zwillingen mit dem Car in den Sommerurlaub gefahren und wollten zwei Reisebetten mitnehmen, um nicht auf die teils ganz schön ranzigen Baby bets in Hotels oder Ferienwohnungen angewiesen zu sein. Und weil die sonst üblichen Babyreisebettchen but sehr sperrig sind, habe ich nach ainer guten Alternative sigh. Eine Freudnin von mir, the mehrere Wochen mit dem Wohnmobil unterwegs war, hat mir die Reisebetten von Deryan. Daraufhin habe ich who orders Reisebetten in der Farbe purple / lilac and ocean / blue.

    Those genres Farben have been working, they are und harmonieren gut zu schwarz.
    Geeignet ist dieses Reisebettchen für Kinder bis 4 Jahre. Für Babys gibt es auch nor that smaller Variante von 0-2 Jahren. Wir haben wir jedoch diese Größe gewählt, damit wir länger was davon haben. Und obwohl unsere Neither Kinder nor kein Jahr alt sind, wich is a big one with a liegefläche von etwa 130 x 75cm perfect, that is what you need with the schanz schön aktiv sind.

    - Deryan PopUp-Reisebett
    - Passgenauer Sleeping Bag
    - Selbstaufblasbare Luftmatratze
    - Eine Tragewbzw. Aufbewahrungstasche
    - Eine kurze Anleitung für den Aufbau und das Zusammenfalten

    The Babybettchen lässt sich durch das Pop up-System innerhalb von 2 Minuten aufbauen. That selbstaufblasbare Matratze funktionierte auch tadellos, allerdings habe ich nor ein wig nachgeholfen, that is not a complete combination of all with a good hat.
    Both Zelte habe ichig a few Zeit zu Hause aufgestellt stereen welding, damit of the anfangs but straightforward Plastikgeruch etwas paint fly. Unsere Babies, welche sich im Krabbelalter bands, little ones Zelte von Anfang an toll und spielten gerne darin. So could be si sich for the Urlaub an die Reisebettchen bzw. - I need to be real.

    Die Matratze, which wanted to be in an extra Fach eingeschoben, haben wir im Übrigen einfach mit einem Babybett-Spannbettlaken überzogen und die Kinder nann nur nor with the normal Babyschlafsack zum Schlafen in those Betten reingeled.
    The dazugehörigen Schlafsack can neither be man anfangs nor as Zätzliches Polster unter who empty Matratze. Und wenn die Kinder dann etwas größer sind, can man sie auch in the Schlafsack schlafen welding, welcher mit 4 Klettverschlüssen of the selbstaufblasbaren Matratze was confirmed and could not be ruined.
    Des Weiteren is the Babybett stabil und standfest. Those Babies / Children can also cousin the Bettchen fallen, from the Einstieg vorne etwa 5-10 cm höher ist und selbst wenn those children adorn, sich im Inneren hinzuknien oder aufzustehen und gegen those leaning, tipping babybett cousin Kindern um.
    Und was for all in südlichen Urlaubsländern oder beim Zelt wichtist ist, ist die Tatsache, dass die Babybetten rundum mit einem Mückenschutz versehen sind und diesbezüglich gut geschützt sind. Those who were Flächen können zudem zudem were und und Kind child cares dennoch. Genug Luft, da das Babybett luftdurchlässig ist.
    Small Kritikpunkte:
    - Ohne die Schlafsäcke schwitzen die Babys sehr stark auf der luftundurchlässigen Matratze. Here aber ein Spannbettlaken provides etwas Abhilfe. Und die Reißverschlüsse sind relativ laut, sodass unsere Kinder immer wach wurden, sobald man an dem Reißverschluss rumhantiert hatte.

    Fazit: We are since that time with the pop-up travel tips from Deryan and with their gies Gewissens weiterempfehlen. Sie können nicht nur nur as Reisebett, sondern auch as Zelt am Strand, im Schwimmbad, im Garten, bei Freunden und if Spielzelt became eesesetzt.

    Sollten nach dem Lesen der Rezension nor weitere Fragen bestehen, könnt ihr mir gerne einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Ansonsten hoffe ich, dass die Bewertung hilfreich war.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Riannemo -

    ?? We think the tent is very handy compared to a camp bed. It is light and compact and handy against mosquitoes. You can just put it on the floor and let your baby sleep in at locations.

  7. 5 out of 5

    AC -

    ?? Wonderful product, thank you?

  8. 5 out of 5

    KJprojects -

    ?? SUPER tent!
    I'm not normally a review writer ... But this time I'm making an exception!
    Really a GREAT camping bed!
    Our little man sleeps well on vacation, and during the day it is indoors as a toy. In good weather it stands outside on the grass, where he can play nicely. Be careful with overheating!
    It is set up in 1-2-3 (just throw in the air and blow up the mattress), compact in size, and light in weight.
    I do not recommend anything better ... SUPER SALE!
    And it also looks beautiful in our living room?

  9. 5 out of 5

    JJ1978 -

    ?? Bought for our son of 8 months (immediately went for toddler version). Slept in on vacation. Put the mattress in it instead of in the box under the tent. Had the mattress made up with molton and bottom sheet and then son in his own sleeping bag. The accompanying sleeping bag is not suitable for babies. He is the only one of the family who is not stung by mosquitoes because it is lockable. I don't know if it would be nice for my 3.5 year old daughter to close it, because then she can't go out to the bathroom herself.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Father of Jasmine -

    ?? Easy to set up and very compact. Our toddler likes to have the same environment, even though we are somewhere else. Moreover, the tent gives a sense of safety.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Mark Wilbertus -

    ?? Light and handy cot, ideal to take with you on a trip. Quick to set up and repack

  12. 5 out of 5

    Amstrad -

    ?? We are totally fans of this trip. Our one-year-old son slept very well during our two-month trip in Thailand every afternoon and night. His always recognizable cocoon in all those different hotel rooms. The biggest advantage for us is the fact that this tent just fits in a suitcase or backpack, so you don't have to check it in separately or drag it along. The mattress is also soft enough, and it has a zipper on the mosquito net so that the baby cannot open it itself (we first had a tent from dreambaby, but that is with velcro and our little one could just open it and crawl outside) . So top product, highly recommended!

  13. 5 out of 5

    Bass000 -

    ?? For my little one scored. She likes to lie in the tent and sleeps in everything. It is much lighter than a camping bed. A stitched seam at the zipper was carelessly stitched and let go, otherwise it would have received 5 stars.

  14. 5 out of 5

    best choise -

    ?? Laying your child in a familiar environment during his / her sleep now goes everywhere with this tent. It is an ideal bed to take with you when you visit or on vacation. Can be taken as hand luggage and can easily be taken on a bicycle. baby is delicious and comfortable. not to be missed anymore

  15. 5 out of 5

    Ikenbol -

    ?? Great purchase. Already had a lot of fun. We use the tent as a place to sleep, as a box when we visit, and this summer he will go to the beach.
    Easy to take with you, fold out and fold back in again.

  16. 5 out of 5

    jannekejansen -

    ?? It is an easy bed. When you take it out of the package it unfolds itself and woe to folding is also very easy. It is also handy to carry in the supplied bag. The disadvantage is that my 1.5 year old son didn't like to be locked up in it. But if they are used to it from the start it will be fine.

  17. 5 out of 5

    JohnBompa -

    ?? Light and handy. My daughter (9 months) could play and sleep anywhere. Sleeping bag is unnecessary but it might be useful later.

  18. 5 out of 5


    ?? small, light and handy. We have purchased this for the campsite.
    We are very happy with it. It is small, light, easy to unfold and it takes up little space. Our daughter of almost 1 year has slept wonderfully in this. At night in the tent and during the day we had put it outside so that she could sleep outside. Fine is also the mosquito net! So the mosquitoes had no chance. We do not use the sleeping bag that comes with it. Perhaps in the future (if it is somewhat larger) that we will still use it.

  19. 5 out of 5

    Marko -

    ?? Dieses Zelt is the best accessory for the children. Kinder gekauft haben. Wir haben ein Reisebett sigh that with the Flugzeug transport können ohne gleich 10 kg Gepäck zu “opfern”.
    Es ist ein absolutes Leichweight und auf jeder Reise dabei. The Packmass is auch fürs Auto Super. Mittlerweile haben wir für jedes Kind eins und both lieben dieses Zelt. That little power darin sogar jeden Mittag Ihren Mittagsschlaf.
    Das Zelt baut sich with a “Wurf” selbst auf und nach kurzer Übung ist is in a few Sekunden auch wieder zusammengebaut. The selbstaufblasbare Isomatte directs full bowls. The Schlafsack are used as quasi Bezug für die Matratze.
    In der Mitgelieferten Tragetasche passt auch nor a Schlafanzug and Betttiere, Schnuller, Zahnbürste etc. clean, so dass everything Schlafutensilien zusammen sind
    Durch die Fliegengitter sind die Kinder im Sommer perfect perfection Mücken geschützt.
    Wir können dieses Zelt uneingeschränkt empfehlen und became für unser nächstes Neither child nor eins kaufen.
    Wir haben das Zelt im Einsatz seitdem that Kinder nicht mehr fits in Tragetasche vom Kinderwagen. Also so im Alter von ca. 6-8 Monaten. Genutzt wurden can neither be good nor with 5-6 years.
    Für den Grossen haben wir mittlerweile eine etwas Dickere Matratze immediately after repairman carved. So neither is there a little bequemer

    Absolute Kaufempfehlung!

  20. 5 out of 5

    Shelby -

    ?? I looked into a lot of travel cots as I enjoy camping and I am looking forward to getting away with my 5 month old. This tent is great! Although we have not been camping yet I have been using it out in the garden when (read IF) the sun comes out. Little one loves it! Great value and arrived super quick. Will do for years !!

  21. 5 out of 5

    auntynoni -

    ?? We bought the pop up cot as we were going on a camel trek in Morocco, and it was just perfect in the sand dunes; light enough to take on the camel, secure enough to make the baby feel safe. Only disappointment, (which actually made no difference in Africa) was that the material is not black out material - (with window flaps) that would have been perfect! On our return I noticed that the brilliant self-inflating mattress material had come away from the memory foam, leaving a weird lump to sleep on, and they replaced it straight away, no quibble! A brilliant product well worth the money.

  22. 5 out of 5

    cookiephillis -

    ?? Habe mich beim 3. Child spontan zum Kauf entschlossen und es nicht eine Sekunde finished. Wenn ich mir vorstelle, daß wir mit unserer ersten Tochter und einem herkömmlichen Reisebett eine 3Wöchige USA Rundreise absolviert haben, ist mir das heute nor schleierhaft, who wir das hinbekommen haben… dieses her can be sperrig und schwer und mit 20 Monaten konnte unsere Tocht damals auch trotz Schlafsack rausklettern. Nicht sehr sicher also.
    Mit der neuen Errungenschaft haben wir also unseren Urlaub im spanischen Ferienhaus tritten - dort gab es (wüßte ich vorher cousin) nur ein normales Bett für unsere 10-monatenige Funnel. Das Deryan darauf aufgeschlagen: perfect! Geschützt for Rausfallen / klettern und den Moskitos that irgendwho ihren Weg durch that Fensterflieggitter fairies. Eine übermäßige Hitzeentwicklung can never be nicht bestätigen - natürlich ist es cicht as Schlafzelt in der prallen Sonne geeignet. Here the Auch der Hersteller noticed that 50% more UV-Schutz were required. Gemütliche Kuschelhöhle (die großen Geschwister sind ganz neidisch), perfekt mit der selbstaufblasenden Matratze. Aufbau history yes von selbst, der Zusammenbau ist wirklich einfach! Transport im Handgepäck problemlos möglich. Everything in Allem das einzige Reisebett, daß seinen Namur auch wirklich deserves.
    Nachtrag Erfahrung Autoreisezug: Auch hier genius, die Kleine kommt ins Zelt, that is on the way Bett im Autoreisezug vom seitlichen Rausrollschutz fest eingeklemmt ist und schläft darin sofort wie ein Stein ein. Both of them Großen Kinder können auf den unteren Betten und die Eltern in der Mitte: PERFEKT!

  23. 5 out of 5

    Horst aus Wernigerode -

    ?? Unser erla Urlaub with the Deryan lies in the least uns, and wir sind über die Entscheidung für das Deryan-Bett anstelle eines classics Reisebetts sehr froh. Für unsere Tochter, who started out scratching hat, is better than optimal. Here a few Details:

    Normalerweoll susten Matratze in an extra Fach im Boden, his Schlafen gibt es einen Mumienschlafsack in Kindergröße (Innenfutter aus Leinen!), With the two Klettverschlüssen am Boden can be established. The haben wir etwas otherwise handheld, unsere Tochter is für so einen Schlafsack nor zu klein. We are as Polster mit den Klettverschlüssen “verrutschsicher” im Bett confirms that Matratze haben wien not laid in the Bodenfach, without the Schlafsack. So you can see Matratze normal with a children's bedclothes, and with a pair of sister kisses and kisses Kuschelhasen hatte meine Tocht dan eine sehr gemütliche Schlafecke, that sie ohne Probleme von der ersten Nacht an angenommen hat.

    The Reißverschluss war gut, um sie am Herausklettern zu hindern, weil that Räume were not childish. Außerdem haben wir sie zum Teil auch with the Bett draußen zum Schlafen hanged, wow that day (im Gegensatz zu uns) for the Moskitos geschützt war. When the substance of the Seiten hochrollt, so dass nur nor that Moskitonetze das Kind umgeben, is that Temperaturentwicklung im Bett in Ordnung. In the proverb Sonne ist das Bett is not the only thing to be told, the first thing about the Zelt-in-der-Sonne-Gefühl.

    In Bezug auf Weight, Handhabung and Tragetasche ist das Bett den normalen Reisebetten klar überlegen. Man can slow down the light locker in the Schulter, the Aufbauen dauert approx. Two minutes (actual muss nur that Luft in die Matratze, everything else from all of them), the Abbauen hand in three hand grips in one or two minutes, allerdings muss man in a pair of Mal üben, bis man den Dreh raus hat. The service is in diesem Fall and good luck, but that is always the case with problems. That Tasche is so geräumig, neither dass wirere nor more dinge darin dispatch. The Gepäckbeförderung im Flugzeug hat sie unbeschadet überstanden.

    Zu Hause nutzen wir das Bett auch gelegentlich, wenn wir abends zu Bekannten gehen und unsere Tochter dort hinlegen möchten. Sie schläft dann gut ein, weil ihr das Bett delayed, und Auf- und Abbau, may be better than those Suche nach einer fit, child sich Schlafmöglichkeit in der fremden Wohnung.

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The Deryan family is dedicated to designing ingenious children's products with the thought of making traveling and everyday life easier for every family.

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