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Bedtent designed to make your child feel safe and sound, as well as to create a magical place to play. Check out our versions for tots and teens.

DERYAN Airtraveller

DERYAN Airtraveller

Air mattress guarantees extra comfort and a good night’s sleep for the baby and parent. Easy to carry as hand luggage.



Feather-light foot muff to keep those tender little feet of your young one warm and dry on the bike. It comes with a poncho.

DERYAN Miscellaneous

DERYAN Miscellaneous

View the other Deryan products including our travel-cot accessories, baby mattresses and self-inflatable air beds.

DERYAN Travel Cot

DERYAN Travel Cot

Easily foldable travel cot and travel tent for babies and toddlers. Includes carrying case you can easily take with you anywhere.



Looking for cheaper designs to take care of your young one? Our outlet store may be the thing for you! Check it out regularly for updates.



Curious about our seasonal offers designed to give you everything your little one needs to make their spring, summer, autumn or winter fun and comfy?



Discover all you need to know about our latest innovative designs, seasonal deals and products to make life a little easier.

Our Portable Baby Goodies & Kids’ Gear

Baby’s First Box

Pop-up travel bassinet designed for babies until the age of one, folding easily into a travel bag for convenient portability.

Travel Cot Baby Box

The opening at the top gives this adventurous pop-up baby travel cot the look of a playpen. Suitable for babies up to two years.

Travel Cot Red / Kinder- & Babyreisebett Rot

Travel Cot Baby Luxe

Travel cot set up in a jiffy. Giving you the ease of portability, while providing your baby with all the amenities of home.

Travel Cot Red / Kinder- & Babyreisebett Rot

Travel Cot Toddler Luxe

Toddler travel cot for sleepovers, camping trips and fun family getaways. Includes a sleeping bag and self-inflating mattress.


Toddler Playpen

This portable playpen can be set up and wrapped up in seconds, easily creating a safe area for your kiddy to sleep, rest and play.

Sunny Travel Cot Blue / Kinder- & Babyreisebett Blau

Travel Cot Sunny

Let your little one enjoy the outdoors with this airy travel cot. Ideal for sunny days, picnics or in your own backyard.

Travel Cot Mattress

Each Deryan air mattress is made to ease traveling and ensures your young one has hours of warm shut-eye at any place.

Travel Cot Sleeping Bag

Use this snuggly sleeping bag together with one of the toddler travel cots to keep your kid cozy and warm on overnight adventures.


The airplane baby mattress, that makes the flight for a baby and parent easier, especially for the long-haul flights.

Child Bed Tent / Kinder Bettzelt

Bedtent Toddler

Protection and play come together. Bed tent designed to protect, while your toddler explores the world of adventure and magic.

Child Teen Bed Tent / Kinder Bettzelt

Bedtent Teen

Bed tent encouring a teenager’s imagination at any daytime. It has elastic-corded tent poles for fast and easy assembly.

Baby Pop-Up Pool / Zwembad

Pop-up Pool

Pop-up pool for the sunny days. Fun, laughter and plenty of splashing garanteed! Includes sun shelter for skin protection.

Pop-up Baby Play Gym

Let your little one explore the world and be entertained for hours inside this portable play gym full of warmth and snugness.

Pop-up Baby Beach Tent

Easy to set up beach tent for your little one to enjoy every outdoor adventure entirely sunburn-free. Great for sunny days.

Car Sun Protector

Attach the Deryan Car Protector to the Maxi-Cosi seat for protecting your baby against sun and warmth in the car.

Buggy Sun Protection/Buggy Sonnenschutz

Buggy Sun Protector

Buggy protector to make the ride with your baby more enjoyable! Protects your baby from sunburns, mosquitoes and insects.